Time Flies

Feb 02, 2018
Los Angeles

I am fresh back from Paris! In this episode Ashna and I talk about my quick trip to Paris, the amazing experience I had while performing at Theatre L'Oeuvre and how
when I return there on October 15 I want to film it as my next one hour special.
We also talk about my personal history with Paris and how I needed to see someone and tell them how important they are to me while I was there.
It was an interesting time to be in Paris because the river Seine is overflowing and 50 baboons had escaped from the Paris zoo and were loose running free in the city.
Moliere, Voltaire, Camille Cottin and how to transport Parisian baguettes back to Los Angeles are also topics we discuss in this joyous recap of how I rocked the balls off the joint in my favorite city in the world and the best applause break I have ever received in my life. So spray on some Chanel 19, flip your scarf stylishly around your neck and let us take you on a journey to city of love through the eyes of someone who has been maced there and stood on the sacred performing space of Theatre L'Oeuvre. Hooray for humanity and hooray for Paris, France!

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