Movie Talk

Jan 19, 2018
Los Angeles

Hooray for Hollywood!
Forget that the world is falling apart and that our democracy has been sold to the highest bidder. In this episode Ashna and I discuss the year's best films and guide you to what is worth seeing just ahead of awards season.
In this episode we talk about:
The Post
Lady Bird
Get Out
Three Billboards
Darkest Hour
I, Tonya
Call Me By Your Name
The Big Sick
The Shape Of Water
The Bad Manners Of Aziz Ansari
If cinema is humankind's highest achievement, then we rejoice in the finest fruits of this year's harvest. Get the popcorn ready and spark your brain with joy inducing electrons. Smoothie movie talk has arrived to delight all of humanity.
Shalom Amigos y Amigas!

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