Barry Crimmins

Aug 09, 2016

Barry Crimmins is a truth seeking freedom fighter comedy legend! I have respected and admired this man since I first saw him on television in the 1980s, back when comedy was bland and predictable he was talking about things that mattered and informing audiences on what they should care about. Bobcat Golthwaite made a brilliant documentary about Barry's life called Call Me Lucky which chronicled Barry's life and the epic undertaking that brought him to speak before congress on behalf of abused children. I finally got to meet this man that I have admired for so long last month in Montreal at the Just For Laughs comedy festival. I was overjoyed to see him perform his hour solo show and to see that his comedy is still of head crunching thunder quality. I was honored that he came to see me perform and that he loved what I was doing onstage, it was getting the seal of approval from a man I consider a master of the craft and becoming friends with him was the highlight of the festival for me. Louie CK has produced Barry's new hour special that will be premiering on Netflix soon but he is hear for your listening delight here and now and that is why it is my pleasure to bring you now the one and only Barry Crimmins!

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