Barry Katz

Apr 20, 2016
Los Angeles

Barry Katz has dedicated his life to stand up comedy and like anyone who has done so he has experienced many highs and lows. His life's journey has been an epic tale and throughout it all he has remained one of the most positive good humored people I have ever known in this business. He once managed Louie CK, Dave Chappelle and Tracy Morgan. He produced Last Comic Standing for the first 7 years of that shows run and now he hosts his own podcast called The Industry Standard.
On his podcast he talks with agents, producers and television executives about the nuts and bolts of the entertainment industry. In this episode he gives invaluable advice on being a comedian, succeeding in television, succeeding in life and most importantly to me, picking yourself up after you have experienced the devastating tragedy of losing a loved one. This is a must listen to anyone who dreams of being a better comedian and a better human being. For me personally, I was also very happy to finally return to him his bathroom key that I walked away with accidentally when I was a guest on his podcast. It is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Barry Katz!

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