Ophira Eisenberg

Feb 25, 2015

Ophira Eisenberg is one of the most lovable human beings and powerful performers I have ever met in all my years in entertainment.

She is the darling of NPR, being heavily involved in their successful story telling series The Moth and she also hosts the weekly NPR game show Ask Me Anything.

Because of these sterling credits I had expected her to be more of a story based performer, but even though her personal stories do pop up in her live performances I was blown away by her stand up comedy skills and how hard she throws down her comedy thunderbolts.

I first met Ophira briefly last summer in Amsterdam when I finished my week at Toomler and she was just arriving to do hers. Even slightly jet lagged her ebullient personality shined brightly and I liked her instantly. This past weekend we were both doing the Aspen Laff Festival in Aspen, Colorado. There were brilliant comedians galore and the camaraderie was tight with all of us watching each other's sets and enjoying our time together performing at the Wheeler Opera House. I was happy to get to know Ophira and to laugh at her battle tested tales of a life fully lived.

She is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now makes her home in New York City. She is someone I would love to do anything with, be it touring together, working together on a project or just hanging out playing Scrabble. She has a quick wit that is always ready to stab you with a punchline and an easy infectious laugh that is as pleasing as it is calming.

If you are unaware of her presence on this earth, after listening to this conversation you will like her as much as I do and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Ophira Eisenberg!

Intro song: Cutting Room (Hot Pants) – Oceanliners
Stand-up clip 1 & 2: Bangs – Ophira Eisenberg
Stand-up clip 3: As is – Ophira Eisenberg
End song: Leaving on a Jetplane – Peter, Paul and Mary

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