Paul Ogata

Jan 05, 2015

This conversation was recorded in Burbank, CA

If comedy were boxing I would rank Paul Ogata in the top ten of the all around, pound for pound, heavy hitters.

I first bonded Paul when we did Beerfest in Singapore together years ago. Beerfest is one of the funnest experiences you can plan for yourself on a visit to Singapore, with it's outdoor music and beer tents but as a comedian with loud music blasting through canvas it is one of the toughest gigs that only real pros could muster. Paul and I bonded over the toughness of those circumstances in Singapore, respected each other for not capitulating and have been close friends ever since.

I first met Paul many years ago when we performed together in Honolulu. Paul grew up in Honolulu and has a Hawaiian laid back chill that makes you think he is mild mannered until he gets on stage and rips the heads off of people with his superior jokes.

Paul is huge in Hong Kong, Sydney and some places in the US but he is one guy I believe in and know it is a matter of time before the rest of the world finds out about him.

His humor is accessible on so many levels from his punchlines always pack a kick. He is one of my favorite human beings and he has been around paying his dues getting banged up and proving himself in battle that when his star does one day soon pop you can know for a fact that this man earned his place in the world.

This conversation was recorded at the Safari Inn in Burbank, CA were they filmed scenes for the film 'True Romance'. He is a true Samurai master of stand up comedy and it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Paul Ogata.

Audio Cameo: Matt Corsey
Intro song: Cutting Room (Hot Pants) – Oceanliners
Tell Me Anything, Ask Me Anything: Billy from St. Louis
Stand-up clip from YouTube 1: Paul Ogata Stand-up
Movie clip from YouTube: True Romance – Best Scene
Stand-up clip from YouTube 2: Paul Ogata - The Problem With Po' Folks Food
End song: Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac
Movie clip from YouTube: True Romance final scene

Recorded in Burbank, CA at the Safari Inn. February 2014

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